Friday, June 10, 2011

Final Exam


                                                            Back Light Compensation:
                                                                         over exporsure

                                                                 Low Light Compensation:
                                                                      low lighting setting

Rule of thirds + depth of field

Mat version

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Portfolio Ideas

1. Urban landscape/downtown
2. The adventures of creepy boy


Bright snowy trees:
1. smart sharpen
2. curves



Ghosty haunted trees:
1. smart sharpen
2. curves
3. motion blur



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Liu Zheng

 Liu Zheng was born in Hebei Province, China, in 1969; and grew up in Datong, a mining town in Shanxi Province. In 1994, he began photographing moments in which average Chinese people are often encountered in extreme and unexpected situations. Many of his works resemble the efforts of Diane Arbus and August Sander. His series, The Chinese, portrays a society wrestling with the contradictions between traditional culture and modernization. It presents a broad cross section of society including the wealthy, the poor, transsexuals, coal miners, opera performers; in a sense, the darker side of China, which is depicted in his above photos (deserted new-borns, two mental patients, and two beggar girls). it seems his 'asthetic' was to expose the hidden sides of China, to create surrealism within a very traditional culture.